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Powder Hopper

This powder hopper is for an automated filling line, the hopper holds the bulk material, and augers meter the amount of product put into each container. Many techniques were used to complete this project. Custom machining, sheet metal tools to form small cones, and press break techniques to form square to round portions. The entire unit was then placed in a custom made fixture to keep everything aligned during the welding process.

Once all components were tacked together and fully welded, it was sent out to be destressed (destressing uniformly heats and cools the metal to realign all the molecules) then the entire unit was polished to a #4 finish and electropolished.


Industry for use Food Industry, this particular hopper dispensed a type of drink powder.
Weight 280 pounds
Materials 316 Stainless Steel
Design Our customer supplied a nonworking hopper with expectations of what was needed, we then designed and created drawings for the new hopper.
Turn Around Time 12 weeks for fabrication