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Pipe Fabrication

43Forty is a trusted provider of quality pipe fabrication. Our 220,000 sq-ft fabrication facility is equipped not only with top-of-the-line equipment, but also personnel who hold an elevated level of passion and integrity with each individual project. With the option of utilizing our experienced team of design build technicians we have the capabilities to streamline your next piping project.  

Why Consider Fabricated Pipe on Your Project?

Fabrication of piping systems done in a controlled environment allows contractors to concentrate solely on field installation. Utilizing a pipe fabrication shop typically results in significant reduction of labor on jobsites, fewer jobsite injuries, and cost reductions. Our use of MSUITE software streamlines supply chain issues, RFI responses, and labor schedules to avoid project delays.  

Studies show that contractors using in shop pipe fabrication on more than 50% of their projects save over 16% of total annual field labor costs.  

Custom Pipe Fabrication

Protem CTA Cutting/Beveling 14”- 30”

Custom Pipe Fabrication


Pipe Diameter Range .25″ – 120″ Schedule 10-160
Wall Thickness Up To  4″
Materials Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Copper, Duplex, Super Duplex and other Alloys




Water/Wastewater Treatment



Food Processing



PROTEM CTA 2"- 12" The PROTEM CTA 2"- 12" is a high-speed cutting and beveling machine that handles pipe ranging from 2” to 12”. This machine leaves no torch or plasma splatter to clean up, giving us a cleaner product in a fraction of the time. PROTEM CTA 14"- 30" The PROTEM CTA 14"- 30" is 1 of only 10 in the world and is the first of its size and capacity in the United States. This machine cuts and bevels a 14” to 30” piece of pipe in less than 5 minutes. This is a drastic time savings compared to the 2 hours it usually takes to manually cut and bevel a standard piece of pipe. ROTOWELD 3.0 The Rotoweld 3.0 is an automated welding machine that uses integrated technology to provide consistent high-quality welds in less time. Studies show this integrated automation increases productivity by up to 400% WELDING POSITIONIER & ROTATORS Our shop is equipped with many positioners and rotators. These machines rotate a piece of pipe 360° allowing a welder to continuously weld a seam. LARGE DIAMETER PLASMA CUTTER Our large diameter plasma cutter is a custom-made pipe cutting machine. The plasma cutter allows us to produce cleaner, more accurate cuts in less time. WELDING STATIONS Our shop is equipped with 25 permanent welding stations. To meet shop demands at all times we have the capability to install 15 more welding stations to ensure no project falls behind schedule. Each welding station has a designated iPad to track project process every step of the way. ORBITAL WELDERS Orbital fusion welding provides an automated, consistent quality weld for thin walled tubes and pipes. This process increases productivity and efficiencies through a repeatable quality weld. OVERHEAD CRANES Our shop has a total of 10 cranes strategically placed to move large pieces of pipe quickly and easily between stations. With varying weight capacity's of up-to 6 tons this allow us as much efficiency and safety as possible.

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