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Why us?

Our custom metal fabrication team uses their creative problem-solving skills, as well as our modern shop facilities to meet all of your fabrication needs. Our team has decades of experience shaping and forming metals of all types. Because of this, the majority of the time we can re-create/fabricate OEM products faster than it would take to procure them from the manufacturer.



Specifications Sizes Sheet and plate from 30ga through 1 ½” carbon steel cutting capacity and ½” forming, structural sizes include beams, channels, angles, tees, and rod.
Materials All grades, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Titanium, Hastelloy, Plastics such as Lexan, Plexiglass, Delrin, Teflon
Certifications Wide variety of AWS certifications including AWS D1.1
Custom Metal Fabrication
AMS Proofs

What we specialize in:

  • Custom Metal Fabrication 
  • Cabinetry & Casework 
  • Stainless Steel Countertops & Sinks 
  • Clean Room Workstations 
  • Shelving & Racks 
  • Modular Platforms, Mezzanines & Guard Rails 
  • Custom Caging 
  • OEM & Custom Conveyor Systems 
  • Vessels, Bins & Hoppers 
  • Food Grade Welding & Finishing 
  • Industrial Dust Collection 
  • Stairs & Ladders 
  • Equipment Enclosures & Guarding 
  • Provide Pre & Post Fabrication for Machine Shops 




Industrial Manufacturing

Medical / Hospitals



Food Industry

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